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The Therapist

Jerem Egan, LMT #13128, EFT-ADV, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner,

Former Matrix Energetics Study Group Leader

Jerem has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1977 and completed a Hypnotherapist Training in Miami, FL in 1977. Over the past twelve years, he has also completed Certification Courses in three modalities listed below which can be very beneficial in soothing the emotional component of our physical challenges.

Holistic Treatment Menu:

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery Sessions and Personalized Digital Recordings for follow-up. Either of these gentle techniques can assist us in creating the positive emotional and behavioral shifts we desire. Over the past several years I have received medical doctor referrals for Guided Imagery to reduce fear or anxiety about upcoming intensive medical treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) uses gentle finger tapping on acupuncture meridian points in conjunction with verbal articulation of phrases to target the the indicated issue. This procedure has shown to be stunningly effective in dissolving emotional "short circuits" and blockages. EFT Founder, Gary Craig says that, in essence, EFT is a needle-free emotional version of acupuncture. More info at www.emofree.com.

The Emotion Code accesses information on trapped emotions about which we often have no conscious awareness. Bradley Nelson, DC, Founder of the Emotion Code, has composed a chart (derived from Chinese Medicine) which lists 60 emotions. Through a gentle process of muscle testing, we can determine which of those on the list might be negatively affecting the person being tested. The trapped emotions are then released in a graceful, non-invasive procedure passing magnets over the governing vessel acupuncture meridian. The Emotion Code has been shown to be extremely beneficial for a wide range of applications. More info at www.healerslibrary.com.

Matrix Energetics Founder, Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, refrains from defining Matrix Energetics, stating that when we define something, we limit it's potential. He prefers calling ME a "consciousness technology" which constantly upgrades itself.

When people ask me about it, I say that Matrix Energetics is sort of where Quantum Physics meets Shamanism. Modern physicists and Shamans tend to agree that although we perceive ourselves and our world as solid, we are truly only light and consciousness. Matrix Founder Dr Richard Bartlett says that we actually live in a sea of Infinite Potential and that we can access that unlimited reservoir easily through the "Field of the Heart". When we try on the idea that our world is really quite fluid, it becomes easier to stretch into the idea that instantaneous shift can and does happen. More info at www.matrixenergetics.com. Jerem led a Matrix Energetics Study Group for several years.

Massage Therapy: I am available for Massage Treatments at Elements Massage in Lake Oswego, OR.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist for the past many years, I have endeavored to offer my clients a wide range of bodywork techniques and tailor each treatment to their needs of the moment. Most often I use a combination of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Foot Refexology, Cranio-Sacral, Tui-Na, and some techniques of my own. Your massage can be deep and vigorous, or gentle and soothing, or anywhere in between. When we meet to plan your treatment, you are welcome to choose any individual technique or mix of those listed above to create the perfect, unique massage just for you.